Carbon pole 34x38mm Standard

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Carbon pole with 34x38x2000mm pullwinding carbon tubes.

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Bonded sleeves (32x34x500mm) made in Pullwinding.
Length of each element with sleeve: 2250mm  

4m carbon pole includes 2 elements with sleeves (length 4250mm).

6m carbon pole includes 3 elements with sleeves (length 6250mm).

BE CAREFULL : carbon is current conductor: use away from power lines.
See insulating glass fiber pole if this criterion is important.

Available version with lock.


Data sheet

Max temperature : 80°C
Diameters tolerance : +/-0,3mm
Mechanical stress : Flexural/ Stress
Flexural modulus : 110 GPa
Composite stacking : 85% UD+external layer 37°+internal 90°
Process : Pullwinding
Internal diameter : 034
Thickness : 2mm
Material : HS Carbon fiber
Cosmetics : Smooth - 30° fiber
Density: 1,6 g/cm3