This process consist to deposit, a prepreg carbon fiber on the rotating mandrel. The sweep of the robot in front of the mandrel will create different coat : fiber orientation and coat sequence determine the stiffness and the resistance of the pieces.

MATEDUC Composites - operate with 2 filament winding automate, which are able to spool carbon tubes on 5 levels and to 4.6 meter length. The tubes can measure a diameter of 6 mm to 1 m with angle variation for deposit fiber. This kind of production can adapt according to requirement specification (filament winding program, production, temperature).

Specificities :

. Polyvalent technical tubes.
. Adaptable to all mecanical stress.
. Small serie.

Technical informations :

These tubes are called  "Technical Tubes" on our shop. They can support multiple load cases, and are suitable for CNC steps (milling, drilling etc...).

  • Carbon tubes : This tubes are less performant in bending stress but they are polyvalent : good compressive stress, torsion stress and support a temperature of 130°C.

  • Hybrid tubes : 2 products : carbon-glass and carbon-aramid. Both link design and technicity.

  • Glass tubes : Glass tubes can be used for application needing tube insulation, a good internal pressure resistance and high temperature environment (130° max).