Who we are ?

MATEDUC Composites is a French company who product and distribute composite products.

Since 2008, its know-how is available to major company and individual person. MATEDUC Composite design and manufacturing composite profile on pullwinding and wrapping but our company is especially specialized in the filament winding production.

Our complet catalogue also provide carbon and glass plates, sandwich and hybrid plates, rods, fabrics.


For prototyping to short production, we meet your technical requirements using 3 technologies: Filament winding, Pullwinding and wrapping.


Our engineers, by means of our engineering office, work in the realization of your custom-made parts. Thanks to various modelling software (GCFAO, strength calculation, FAO), MATEDUC Composites work with you in the conception and the realization of your projects according to your requirements specification and your mechanical constraints.

Do not hesitate to send us your plans PDF, DXF and/or file for a quotation of your parts : mateduc-composites@orange.fr