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Carbon tube 110x112mm Technical View larger

Carbon tube 110,5x112mm Technical

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Filament wound carbon tube using HR carbon fiber and epoxy resin.
The one tube which can be adapted to a specific thickness, or a specific load case.

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Technical tube with flexural performance lower than Pullwinding tubes, but recommanded when oher stresses on the tube: torsionnal or pressure for example.

This tube can support 130°C temperature (Pullwinding 80°C)

These tubes are not in stock but we have a very short manufacturing time: 10 to 12 days

The main advantage for the customer: we can change the thickness or the angles of the layers if necessary.


Data sheet

Max temperature : 130°C
Diameters tolerance : +/-0,3mm
Mechanical stress : Flexural / Torsionnal / Compression stress
Flexural modulus : 70 GPa
Composite stacking : Fibers 90° and 20°
Process : Filament Winding
Internal diameter : 110.5
Thickness : 1mm
Material : HS Carbon fiber
Cosmetics : Grip surface
Density: 1,6 g/cm3