Transformer mon panier en devis


We study the repair of all your composite sports materials and more particularly in the world of cycling. Thanks to complete workshop, the repair of frames have become a speciality for MATEDUC Composites -

We use the technique of wrapping under vacuum for the most part of the operations. We also propose finishing processes (sanding, coating...), paints and stickers.

Free diagnostic is made with the customer by email based on your photos and your comments.

Process :

 - Send us photos of the damaged area + photo of the complete bike + brand and date of purchase of the bike by the contact form or at the email address :

- Describe the circumstances of the breakage

- An quotation will be sent after expertise

- Repair time : 10 days

Standard package :

The standard package is the repair of a broken tube  and includes :

- Frame protection
- Sanding the broken area (wide)
- High Resistance Carbon Lamination (T800)
- Sanding, puttying, finishing, painting and varnishing.

Warning : When the tube or stay is too damaged (soft carbon under the fingers), an epoxy foaming is necessary and includes a repair package in addition.

Some other parts of bike will be subject to specific specifications.